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The Vegetable Wars

The world is at its end.

Good and evil are locked in an eternal battle for supremacy.

One will win.
One will lose.

One has an army of mutant human soldiers.
The other has an army of mutant vegetables.

The town of Town is at the epicenter of this epic struggle. Town, itself, has secrets.
Town, itself, has a past.

And the past will be forced into the present as the very future of Town, of the world, is decided as good and evil square off for a winner takes all war.

books in this series:
The Vegetable Wars issue 1.5
The Vegetable Wars issue 5
The Vegetable Wars issue 4.1
The Vegetable Wars issue 4
The Vegetable Wars issue 3
The Vegetable Wars issue 2
The Vegetable Wars issue 1
The Vegetable Wars Trilogy
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“And the Elders beyond the borders of the elements continued to watch, to wait, to see what this life - with its mind - continued to do...”