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Captain Goode

It is the Time of the Heroes! A time long before the darkness of the Vegetable Wars. A chapter in Town’s history when all in Town had a super power.

Heroes. Villains. Super-strong. Super-cool. Super-bad. Some fighting for good. Some fighting for evil. ALL FIGHTING against something or someone! Super battles of epic proportion. Heroes avenging. Villains revenging. Colliding together in a kaleidoscope of death and destruction. Storms raging. Then, dissipating in rainbows of hope and justice.

And it is here, you can read about one of the most fierce rivalries from the Time of the Heroes. Good and evil locked together. Forever. Battling one another day in and day out. Will good prevail? Will evil have its day? FIND OUT HERE by joining us now! Choose your weapon. Choose your side. Fight on for justice! For peace! For Goode!… or side with evil, if your mother raised you that way!

books in this series:
Captain Goode issue 1
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Flight of the Valkyrie

From the fires of the unknown, is born a fierce spirit of revenge.

A woman warrior imbued with all the hatred of a thousand screaming souls.

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Dick Mummy, Undead Detective

From the darkness of unconsciousness comes a man who has lived for centuries, unaware, asleep.

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The Vegetable Wars

The world is at its end.

Good and evil are locked in an eternal battle for supremacy.

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Origin of Madness

The fiendishness of Mad Scientist shall no longer be concealed, as Origins of Madness begins to reveal just how the nightmare of The Vegetable Wars and its mad king came to be.

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Moon Phases

Our new Moon Phases title brings you new and different "spotlight" stories each issue!

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“In the shadows, the celery stalks...”