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Dick Mummy, Undead Detective

From the darkness of unconsciousness comes a man who has lived for centuries, unaware, asleep.

In a dream of aliens and deceit.

When he woke, he found he was no longer in his time. But a new time. A new world. Strange. Foreign.

His task, to seek and destroy those who had stolen a great power from the aliens of X, Y, and Z.

He starts his search in a city called Nowhere.
And it is from nowhere he must find the clues that will help him bring closure to the life that he now knows.

books in this series:
Dick Mummy The Undead Detective issue 1
Dick Mummy The Undead Detective issue 2
Dick Mummy The Undead Detective issue 3
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“To track the six that remain. To return the power the Pharaohs stole, back to the rightful owners... ”