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The Vegetable Wars issue 4

The Morning-Morning Show

From the fire and ash. From the burning flesh. Comes the day after the first great battle of the vegetables and the people of Town. In the streets before us, lies a deathly silence. The streets are strewn with victims. The houses are covered with blood. Meeker eyes turn away. But this narrator urges you to look on. Do not turn your gaze to a brighter day. Witness the horror first hand. The quiet horror of the day after the day the mighty vegetables came our way.
The horrible vegetable armies. The grotesque visages of a familiar mutated form, the vegetables form the mighty ranks, controlled by the despotic reign of Mad Scientist. This great vegetable phalanx, unleashed onto the world through Mad Scientist’s evil plan, the vegetables took siege to the unsuspecting world around. People lay victim. Others, wounded, imprisoned. Such is the horror witnessed in the morning after. Continue this journey. Meet the aftermath head on! All in this morning, broken, by the sounds wailing out of all those injured, bloodied, and utterly disarmed.

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24 Black and White pages.

$4.50 USD
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The Vegetable Wars Trilogy

The very first VW Graphic Novel - contains a collection of the first three issues of The Vegetable Wars, pinups, an introduction to the Wars, as well as a brand new full-length story “From The Tomb”. All at a very affordable price!


“From the fiery pits in Valhalla, she arose. Burning with a fury that could only be quelled with blood...”