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Tangled throngs. Brothers and sisters in arms. The vast twisted branches of the radish bunches are endless. Vast soldiers linked together. Unified. Dedicated to the cause. Dedicated to killing. To destroying. Following the orders of their tomato brethren. The radish soldiers spread quick and fast. A virus on the land. A plague for the people of Town. A scourge for the inhabitants of the world. The radish bunches penetrate. Infiltrate. Destroy. The radish soldiers move on. With a pungent spice. Crisp. Bitter. Serving up a mighty crunch, crash, boom, that will ensure all shall perish in a red and white doom!

first appeared:
The Vegetable Wars issue 1

The Vegetable Wars issue 1
The Vegetable Wars issue 2
The Vegetable Wars issue 3
The Vegetable Wars Trilogy
The Vegetable Wars issue 4
The Vegetable Wars issue 5
The Vegetable Wars issue 1.5
Moon Comics Characters:
Captain Goode, Fight Ehvil with Goode!
Mad Scientist, Madness Awaits
Carrot, Agent Orange
Valkyrie, Looks Can Kill
Celery, The Celery Stalks

Veg Wars

“From the fiery pits in Valhalla, she arose. Burning with a fury that could only be quelled with blood...”