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Rare. So often unseen. Mean and green. A vicious stalker. A silent and deadly walker. That roams through the chaos. Seeking a single target. While the battle rages. This mutant engages. Using its katana blades to strike down. To kill. By a madman’s will. The celery stalks in the shadows and storms that feed off our fear. When all is silent, this assassin grows near. Trained in the arts of death. In the methods of martial arts. If you are smart, you’ll not try to run. You’ll not try to hide. For the celery that walks at midnight will find you in your flight. If it be the madman’s command, you will die, by the celery’s own mutated hand. Perhaps if you’re lucky, a bit of peanut butter might slow it down. But I am afraid, that not even this can keep a good celery down.

first appeared:
The Vegetable Wars issue 1

The Vegetable Wars issue 1
The Vegetable Wars issue 2
The Vegetable Wars issue 3
The Vegetable Wars Trilogy
The Vegetable Wars issue 1.5
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Veg Wars

“From the fiery pits in Valhalla, she arose. Burning with a fury that could only be quelled with blood...”