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A carrot solider is just one member of a vast mutant vegetable army created by Mad Scientist. Deadly. Monstrous. Orange. Wicked when wielding a machine gun. A carrot solider will stop at nothing to do his master’s bidding. And world domination is the goal. Kill humans. Destroy any who stands in the way. Simple objective obtained with brutal force. A carrot soldier is an agent of doom. A harbinger of death. All the while still packing all the nutrients and vitamins your mother told you about!

first appeared:
The Vegetable Wars issue 1

The Vegetable Wars issue 1
The Vegetable Wars issue 2
The Vegetable Wars issue 3
The Vegetable Wars Trilogy
The Vegetable Wars issue 5
The Vegetable Wars issue 1.5
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Veg Wars

“Yes, the zombie cows are here. No one knows why cows, dead, have become reanimated. But, by some mysterious force unknown to man, the dead cows are once again, alive...”