Sword and Sorcery action in Flight of the Valkyrie!
Sci-Fi/Horror thrills in The Vegetable Wars!

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Mad Scientist, Madness Awaits
Radish, Ravaging Radish
Captain Goode, Fight Ehvil with Goode!
Valkyrie, Looks Can Kill


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Veg Wars

So who the heck are these guys?!

Do you like comics? WE LIKE COMICS!

Actually, we love comics. So much so, we decided to add our own blend of seasonings and spices to the already great mix of stories and art. We decided to stretch the 'rules' a bit from time to time; to mix genres that normally aren't seen together (horror and romance for example). We decided to break outside of the story-telling 'box' by adding more depth to our stories and characters. Where the the lines of 'good guy' and 'bad guy' can get blurred at times, and superheroes aren't always that easily identified.

What's that, you say? You want some examples - well, sure! Thanks for asking! Here's a good place to start.